9 Unique Ideas for a Colorado Ranch Wedding

Unique Ideas for a Colorado Ranch Wedding


August 21, 2023


Colorado Weddings

Every bride and groom has an idea of their perfect wedding. Sometimes that includes traditional elements but it is becoming increasingly common for partners to seek out unique and non-traditional ways of saying “I Do”. In your search for an ideal Colorado wedding, we’ve put together our list of the best and most unique ideas for a Colorado ranch wedding that will make lasting memories that much more special!

1. Embrace nature everywhere

If you’re choosing to host a Colorado ranch wedding, we already know you love everything that comes with it! Embrace the natural surroundings and lean into the environment that makes a ranch wedding so unique. Make the views of the mountains your wedding photo backdrops, use natural touches in your decor, and create spaces for guests to take a moment to enjoy the Rocky Mountain air like at a fire pit or small conversation corners.

Another unique idea? An outdoor dance floor for a starlit reception is romantic and awe-inspiring beneath a Rocky Mountain starscape. You could even hire an astrologer to point out constellations and offer an in-depth way to connect your guests to the space.

2. Lean into a theme fitting of the space

If you’re a lover of theme parties, you might love the idea of hosting a themed wedding! For a Colorado ranch wedding, the opportunities for themes are endless but our favorite is to use the opportunity to go western. Think wide-brim hats, cowboy hats, bolo ties, rustic décor, and all things that remind you of stepping back into your favorite Western film.

You could even make a grand entrance to your wedding via wagon or horse-drawn carriage to add a touch of drama and nostalgia that fits your Western theme perfectly.

3. Cater with everyone’s favorite ranch-style menu

For a Colorado ranch wedding, what could be a better menu than BBQ?

BBQ gives you the unique option of roasting a whole pig for your big day or catering with ribs, pulled meats, and platters of fresh, mountain-grown veggies. BBQ is a totally different thing to bring to your wedding guests that they won’t be expecting. It’s on-theme in Colorado and perfect for a Western wedding.

4. Throw anything but rice

Though traditional, having guests throw rice as you exit your ceremony is outdated and can actually be harmful to wildlife! Birds who eat that rice have a hard time digesting it — often dangerously so.

Use your exit as a chance to do something unique and memorable that the ranch will thank you for. Have guests throw flower petals, confetti punched from leaves, or dried lavender. Or have everyone blow bubbles as you make your exit for something fun!

5. Disconnect to reconnect on the trail

Take advantage of the incredible surroundings and experience a moment alone together in the mountains during your weekend on a Colorado ranch. Take a short walk or go on an extended hike together to remind yourselves why you’re saying “I Do”. Disconnecting completely without anyone but the mountains and stars can be a unique way to recenter before the craziness of your actual ceremony.

This can also be a great opportunity for unique, intimate photos of the two of you before the big day. Picture a stunning alpine glow sunset as the backdrop to your secluded mountain getaway on the night before the big day.

6. Go green

Colorado is the perfect state to embrace sustainability during your wedding. Thrift champagne flutes that can double as take-home gifts for guests, choose local and in-season food for your menu, rent everything you possibly can to minimize waste, and make sure all florals are composted after the event.

You can also allow guests to contribute to a donation fund for a local sustainability organization that you support. Local, handmade gifts for guests to take home like local jams and honeys for guests provide a sustainable alternative to traditional favors.

There are tons of opportunities to go green during your Colorado ranch wedding and the state will embrace your environmentalism with open arms.

7. Go rustic

Speaking of going green and western themes, the best way to decorate your dream Colorado ranch wedding is minimally and with rustic elements. Lean into the setting and decorate with burlap, tons of wood, vintage finishes, and fairy lights. A bonus? Rustic decor can often be more affordable than lace, silk, crystal, and other more traditional elements of wedding decor.

8. Gather ‘round the campfire

What outdoor Colorado wedding would be complete without a campfire under the starry sky? If your venue allows it, push for a bonfire to be lit as the sun sets. Your guests will love taking a moment to get off their feet and breathe in some fresh air after hours of dancing.

Plus, sitting around a campfire invites guests to engage and get to know each other even more intimately than over dinner or while dancing! Some of the best friendships begin lit by firelight.

9. Let your guests immerse themselves in ranch life

If the majority of your guests are staying on-site for the weekend of your wedding (and we think you should), put together a guide to all of the activities they can enjoy during their time there.

Hiking, fishing, rafting, ATV trips, and horseback riding are all popular activities near most Colorado ranches but some newer ranches also have putting greens, frisbee golf, horseshoes, bocce courts or shuffle ball courts on-site.

Choose your Colorado wedding venue wisely to maximize the true Colorado experience!

Let Pikes Peak Ranch make your Colorado ranch wedding possible

The opportunities to create a unique, memorable Colorado ranch wedding are endless —and choosing the right venue is a very important step in your wedding planning process.

When you first set eyes on a venue that’s right for you, you’ll know it instantly. We hope that Pikes Peak Ranch’s secluded mountain wedding venue is the perfect place for you to take an important step in spending the rest of your life with the love of your life.

Trust us to make that dream a reality — We can’t wait to host you on the ranch!

Looking for a Wedding Venue in the Colorado Mountains?

Pikes Peak Ranch offers stunning scenery and modern, rustic charm. It’s the perfect setting for any wedding.

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