Colorado Wedding Venues with Mountain Views Create the Most Stunning Backdrop

Colorado Wedding Venue with Mountain Views


September 7, 2023


Colorado Weddings

There is a good reason countless songs have been written about the beautiful Rocky Mountains and thousands of artists have been inspired by Colorado’s nature.

Endless mountain vistas, golden yellow aspen tree groves, and soft, dreamy blankets of snow are just some of the things that come to mind.

Even before crowds of people started moving to Colorado’s Denver metropolitan area in massive numbers, Colorado wedding venues with mountain views were gaining popularity across the state.

A Colorado wedding venue can provide an intensely beautiful backdrop to commit to life with your partner.

You already know that a mountain getaway in Colorado can’t be beat, but here’s why hosting a wedding at a Colorado wedding venue with mountain views can make your special day that much more memorable.

The Perfect Venue for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Lovers of the outdoors will find true peace and comfort at a Colorado wedding venue with mountain views!

Whether you and your partner are hikers, lovers of fly fishing, or just love to unwind and camp beneath the stars, sharing vows at a mountain view wedding venue will be the icing on the wedding cake for your continued life of adventure.

A venue that allows your guests a peek into your lifestyle of adventure by taking part in horseback rides, hikes, rafting sessions, and ATV rides across the mountains will make your entire guest list feel even more connected to you as a couple.

Plus, it offers a great opportunity for a truly epic grand entrance through the mountains!

Colorado Wedding Venues with Mountain Views — Choose Your Season


What Colorado scene wouldn’t be complete without snow?! If you’re a Colorado local, we know you love the snow and being a part of the winter wonderland that is the Rockies all winter long. The romance of freshly fallen snow and crisp air is a perfect, unique setting for adventurers or lovers of being cozy by the fire.


Spring is a beautiful time to host a Colorado mountain wedding. As the snow melts across the Rockies, a rainbow of wildflowers emerges across the hills of the mountains! The sun starts to stay out longer each day and the mountains burst with fresh greenery. Find your peace in Spring in the mountains.


Summer is by far the most popular season to get married — and for good reason! Warm nights and long days make every day feel full of endless possibilities and time seems to slow in the summer. In Colorado, the weather can still be unpredictable, but far less so in the summer. Choosing a summer date also means you will have an abundance of food options if you’re catering farm-to-table!


Arguably the most picturesque time of year in the Colorado Rockies is autumn. Aspen trees across the state make the hills glow brilliant yellow, in a stunning foliage display that few other states get to experience. A Colorado wedding in autumn invites you to be creative and unique in your wedding photos.

There’s no bad option when choosing your Colorado wedding venue with mountain views. Whether you want quiet winter romance or eye-catching yellow foliage, there’s something amazing about every season in the mountains.

Which is your favorite?

Capture The Spirit of the Mountains Forever

It’s hard to recreate the peace and awe you experience being in the mountains. The Colorado Rockies provide the perfect setting to capture the memories of your wedding day alongside everyone you love in one place. Choosing from Colorado wedding venues with mountain views provides the most epic and utterly perfect backdrop for images that will be cherished for generations.

Located on 160 acres of pristine wilderness with views of Pikes Peak throughout, Pikes Peak Ranch is an experience of a lifetime. With cabins on-site to house guests and numerous ways to personalize your wedding, this venue is the perfect mix of luxury and wilderness. For lovers of the outdoors and adventure, this venue is perfect for you!

The convenient location is less than an hour from the Colorado Springs airport and less than 2 hours from Denver’s DIA, travel for your guests is convenient.

Experience the Beauty of the Colorado Mountains as You Say “I Do”

The allure of the Rocky Mountains is hard to ignore. Like falling in love, the magic of the Rockies stays with you forever.

As you search for Colorado wedding venues with mountain views, consider that feeling and find a venue that speaks to you as the mountains do.

Pikes Peak Ranch is the perfect venue to say “I Do”, by mixing luxury and wilderness in a rustic resort that will help you create lasting memories. Find out more.

Looking for a Wedding Venue in the Colorado Mountains?

Pikes Peak Ranch offers stunning scenery and modern, rustic charm. It’s the perfect setting for any wedding.

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Planning a Wedding in the Colorado Mountains?

Pikes Peak Ranch offers stunning scenery and modern, rustic charm. It’s the perfect setting for any wedding.