Unplug and Recharge with a Secluded Mountain Getaway

Beautiful Landscape at Pikes Peak Ranch


August 2, 2023


Colorado Getaways

There’s no better feeling than the moment you turn your phone on Do Not Disturb, close your laptop, and fully disconnect from the chaos of daily life. When you picture peace and solitude, chances are you’re envisioning a secluded mountain getaway.

Picture it: You arrive at a cabin in the mountains and realize there is no one in sight. There’s nothing quite like taking that first full breath of crisp mountain air. You listen for the bustling sound of the city and are, instead, met with the pure, joyful silence of the forest. You lay your eyes on the sun setting behind the majestic mountain peaks and watch as stars start to twinkle above you.

From hikes through the trees to soaking in the hot tub beneath unpolluted mountain air, there’s nothing to distract you from being completely present and connecting with yourself and your loved ones while you’re in the mountains.

Find your peace, feel alive, and embrace the magic of your perfect secluded mountain getaway.

Where luxury and wilderness meet — Pikes Peak Ranch

Pikes Peak Ranch’s 110 acres are the perfect place to be embraced by the Rocky Mountains and the surrounding wilderness without totally disconnecting from first-world luxuries.

All of the cabins on-site have updated kitchens and bathrooms, comfortable and spacious bedrooms, and hot tubs, bringing the comforts of city life into the mountains.

For the visitor who wants to be in nature and disconnect but not totally fend for themselves, this is the getaway for you.

Though the 5 cabins are all on the same property, there is ample space and privacy between each one. The cascading mountain views and wide open Colorado sky welcome you to enjoy a sense of peace — without having to sacrifice running water, electricity, or Wi-Fi.

A true secluded mountain getaway with the comforts of home? What more could you want?

Somewhere (sort of) far away

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your travel plans interrupted and your vacation soured by long travel days. One of the best things about Pikes Peak Ranch is that you can experience total serenity without spending too long traveling to get there!

Conveniently located about 1.5 hours from Denver and under an hour from Colorado Springs, it’s a quick and easy trip for both Colorado locals and out-of-town jetsetters. In your search for the perfect mountain getaway in Colorado that isn’t too far off the beaten path, here’s the perfect place!

What does unplug mean to you? The importance of a mindful digital detox

We don’t have to tell you the importance of disconnecting from technology to rest and rejuvenate.

There is so much more potential for total and deep relaxation when you take advantage of the serenity of the mountains and unplug in a meaningful way. At a wilderness resort like Pikes Peak Ranch, you have the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, ATVing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, fishing, and more. Just relaxing on the property and seeking out wildlife is another option to connect with the nature around you.

We’re constantly surrounded by screens, notifications, technology, and the activity of our lives. Taking time to peel your eyes from the blue light and look up at the starlight is crucial to self-discovery and reflection.

(Of course, if you do need to get online, strong Wi-Fi is located throughout all of the cabins and event spaces on the property. Give your work-from-home view an upgrade!)

Connect with nature in a secluded mountain getaway to reconnect with yourself and feel more alive and present every day.

How To Unplug: Pikes Peak Ranch version

If you’ve landed here, you’re likely seeking an ideal secluded mountain getaway for your planned digital detox and time to reconnect with what matters most.

We believe it should be that simple.

1. Book your preferred cabin

All of our cabins provide different views and accommodate various numbers of guests. Choose your favorite and find a time to visit that works for you.

2. Turn off your devices and come with an open mind

While you’re here, take advantage of the land and the wilderness. We can help you make the most of your trip with activities or welcome you to explore the property on your own.

3. Experience true peace

A secluded mountain getaway is just that. Don’t bring anything here that you don’t want to think about. We invite you to be mindful, be adventurous, and be ready to recenter.

The Rocky Mountains have a special kind of magic that has drawn artists, writers, and adventure sports enthusiasts for centuries. At Pikes Peak Ranch, we feel so honored to be able to provide you with a space to experience what so many others have felt and been drawn to. Whether your secluded mountain getaway includes ATVs and long hikes, or reading quietly between peaks, we won’t judge you.

Enjoy your getaway and make it YOURs.

Looking for a vacation cabin in the Colorado Mountains?

Pikes Peak Ranch offers modern luxury mingled with mountain wilderness for the perfect mountain getaway.

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Planning a secluded getaway in the Colorado Mountains?

Pikes Peak Ranch offers modern luxury mingled with mountain wilderness for the perfect mountain getaway.