10 Things To Do on Your Mountain Getaway in Colorado

Things to do on your mountain getaway in Colorado


August 30, 2023


Colorado Getaways

Ready to get away? There’s no better place to get outside and disconnect than the alluring Rocky Mountains. If you’re planning a mountain getaway in Colorado, we’ve got a list of the top 10 things to do to make the most of your time (some of these will surprise you!).

1. Hit the river

Outdoor enthusiasts, this one’s for you! There are few areas of Colorado where the option to get on a river isn’t there. Get out on the flow with a kayak or paddleboard or book a rafting trip to experience Colorado from one of the best vantage points there is.

If you’re looking for a more peaceful way to get wet, consider fly fishing! Fly fishing has grown to a $1.9 billion industry in the state, according to Colorado Parks & Wildlife. If you’ve never tried fly fishing and are visiting from out-of-state, this is the place to give it a shot!

NOTE: Make sure that the conditions aren’t dangerous and that you are with a skilled guide if you aren’t familiar with the river you’re on. Depending on recent weather and the time of the year, conditions can be sketchy. Be prepared!

2. Hit the trails

Of course, what list of things to do on a mountain getaway in Colorado wouldn’t be complete without hiking? Colorado boasts thousands of trails for all levels of hikers. As home to the most mountains over 14,000’ (affectionately called 14ers by locals), Colorado has many opportunities for hikers who want to get a bucket list hike in.

For the less-experienced hikers, there are certainly trails out there for you, too. Depending on where you spend your getaway, many accommodations also have their own trails on-site! Do your research if hiking is important to your getaway experience.

3. Off-Roading & ATVing

Sometimes (okay, maybe always) the best views are the ones off-the-beaten-path. Take an off-road trip or hop on some ATVs to get out where there’s even more air to breathe and no one else but you to enjoy the view! It will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Getting off the trail also increases your likelihood of spotting wildlife so keep your eyes peeled along the way.

4. Unwind in Hot Springs

Winter or summer, scenic and natural hot springs can be a highlight of your mountain getaway in Colorado. Some are free but require hiking to reach while many are more established attractions like Pagosa Springs, Glenwood Springs, or Strawberry Springs.

Check ahead to see if you need reservations and keep in mind, many springs are clothing optional. For those who want to experience a natural body of water as nature intended, this is the perfect way to truly tap into your wild side. For those who aren’t up for nudity, no problem! Many hot springs offer separate pools for all groups of people or set aside times when clothing is optional. Call to confirm!

5. Host a staff retreat for a small staff

If you’re an employer, consider hosting your next staff retreat for a small staff in the Colorado mountains. Your employees will thank you for taking their mental health and productivity into consideration by providing the chance for them to disconnect in the mountains and connect to nature and each other.

It might not be the first Colorado mountain getaway experience that comes to mind — but it will definitely make you boss-of-the-year and be your most memorable staff retreat yet!

6. Take stargazing to new heights

Stargazing, of course, makes our list, but why not take it to new heights (literally)? It might be difficult to hire an astrological expert to point out the constellations on your next mountain getaway in Colorado, but you can bring one in your pocket.

Check out this list of top stargazing apps to utilize when you’re in the mountains. At Rocky Mountain heights, the stars shine that much brighter and clearer!

7. Hit a National Park

No matter where your Colorado mountain getaway is, chances are you will be close to a national park!

Plan a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Garden of the Gods National Landmark, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, or Lost Creek Wilderness.

While not technically a national park, the Painted Mines Park outside of Colorado Springs is a completely unique park to visit that we doubt you’ll find anywhere else! Minerals in the rocks have turned this park into a psychedelic, colorful display of rock formations that you have to see to believe.

8. Cook over a campfire

Food just tastes better over a flame. Roasted meats and charred veggies bring everyone back to memories of camping as a kid — and don’t get us started on melty dessert!

9. Get on a bike

It’s hardly a mountain getaway in Colorado without some thrill after all! Mountain biking is an extremely popular sport in Colorado and because of that, the trails here are some of the best in the country. The rugged landscape and jaw-dropping views make these trails epic no matter what your experience level is! Beginners and experts can find their ideal trail across the Rockies.

Bring your own bike or rent a mountain bike and safely gear from numerous outdoor adventure stores that cross the state.

10. Step back in time — Embrace your inner cowboy/girl

One of the best ways to connect with the Rockies is to experience it on horseback — just as it was hundreds of years ago. Colorado is cowboy country so you’ll find no shortage of ranches and farms that host guided horseback riding tours through the mountains.

Plan an unforgettable mountain getaway in Colorado

Use these ideas to plan your perfect Colorado mountain getaway any time of the year!

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Head into nearby Woodland Park to book a horseback tour, visit Garden of the Gods or Painted Mines for something particularly unique, and cook over the campfire at any of the accommodations. Rustic but luxurious accommodations meet true Colorado mountain serenity at Pikes Peak Ranch.

Book a cabin at Pikes Peak Ranch for your next mountain getaway in Colorado — You’ll be so glad you did!

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Planning a secluded getaway in the Colorado Mountains?

Pikes Peak Ranch offers modern luxury mingled with mountain wilderness for the perfect mountain getaway.