Planning a Staff Retreat for a Small Staff in the Colorado Mountains

Staff Retreat for a Small Staff


August 16, 2023



Colorado is home to some of the most outdoor enthusiasts in the country, with statistics showing 92% of Colorado residents participating in outdoor recreation each year. In 2021, the state of Colorado attributed $11.6 billion dollars in spending toward outdoor recreation alone.

These are staggering numbers and proves what you already know if you’re a Colorado resident: we love our outdoors and we love our mountains! So why not host your staff retreat for small staff in the mountains?

Pikes Peak Ranch is the perfect Colorado mountain location for your company retreat, offering tranquility, adventure, and plenty of space to feel creative and inspired to develop new strategies and ideas.

Spend More Time in the Mountains

When planning a company retreat for small staff, finding the right location is key to the success of your retreat.

Plan a retreat too far away and employees may lose interest or be unable to make things work with their personal lives and families.

Plan a retreat too close to the office and you run the risk of the retreat feeling like just another day in the office.

Spend less time traveling and more time in the mountains by booking Pikes Peak Ranch!

Conveniently located only 1.5 hours from Denver, the location is great for Denver-based companies. It is even more accessible to offices based in Colorado Springs, with a less than 1 hour drive from downtown Colorado Springs.

For groups coming from out of state, you have the option to fly into DIA or Colorado Springs and make it a quick drive over to the site of the retreat.

It’s likely not very often you get to spend dedicated time up in the mountains — make the most of your time by spending as little as possible in the car!

Wilderness Meets Modern Luxury

If you’re a Colorado-based company, chances are high that many of your employees are outdoor enthusiasts but, let’s face it, nature isn’t for everyone.

Pikes Peak Ranch offers a healthy balance of wilderness adventure and modern accommodations. Each on-site cabin is updated, comfortable, and comes with amenities like grills, hot tubs, and laundry.

A successful company perfectly joins everyone’s unique talents into one dynamic and collaborative group of people.

For a staff retreat for small staff, choosing a venue that caters to each of these unique employees is key to successful company bonding and company productivity.

It’s a great chance to unplug, experience the magic of the mountains, but not be completely off-grid. Pikes Peak Ranch offers something for everyone. From hiking, fishing, and snowshoeing to relaxing by the fire, reading beneath the trees, and stargazing, there are activities for the adventurous and for those that just want to chill.

Pikes Peak Ranch really does provide the chance for every kind of person to disconnect in their own individual way.

Come Together as a Group

The newly built event space at Pikes Peak Ranch provides the perfect opportunity for your employees to come together for meals, brainstorming, strategy development, and team building. Dial into the reset that nature provides and step out of your typical roles and comfort zones.

The event center at Pikes Peak Ranch is designed to be a multi-purpose space for a number of community-driven activities. From local classes to private events, this space encourages creativity and new ideas!

Embrace the change of scenery and use the space to reset your team’s goals and overall productivity.

Or — just take some time to get to know your staff over a meal in an entirely new setting. It just might be the best thing your company has ever done for business!

Unplug for Productivity

Successful companies understand the key to growth and productivity is to provide opportunities for employees to unplug and reset (link to our Unplug blog here).

Encouraging employees to take PTO, to log off at the end of the day, and to silence notifications outside of business hours can help your employees feel empowered to put their mental health first.

Team building and getting to know your colleagues outside of an office setting is also a great way to boost productivity and company morale which can in turn be a positive impact on mental health.

If you are a small company, hosting a company retreat is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Building stronger employee bonds and showing your team that you care about their well-being and appreciate their hard work makes a big difference in employee satisfaction.

As a modern, conscious employer, hosting retreats in the Colorado mountains certainly checks the boxes of what it looks like to run a productive, healthy workplace!

Choosing a Venue for Your Staff Retreat for Small Staff

Pikes Peak Ranch offers a convenient location to come together with your company in order to reconnect with each other and with the company’s goals. A mountain view location like Pikes Peak Ranch will wow your employees and prove to them just how dedicated you are to their personal and professional success.

The ranch boasts 110 acres on which your small staff can explore and learn more about each other — and themselves!

5 cabins have a capacity of 28 guests and each cabin has unique elements that will provide the perfect backdrop to your staff retreat.

Make your staff retreat for small staff to Pikes Peak Ranch an annual trip! We are thrilled to be the setting where you will come up with bold ideas and new strategies to build your successful business.

Inquire about our staff retreat for small staff packages.

Looking for an event or retreat venue in the Colorado Mountains?

Pikes Peak Ranch offers the perfect setting to gather as a group.

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